Sunday, March 13, 2011

Off the Record 2

There's been some talk lately, we were talking about an Anagram Artbook+Physical CD of the game for anyone who donates at least $15-$20 above (this is because of shipping cost and printing TvT ). I put up a poll too for those who are curious.

The Book will be fully colored and illustrated from different artists, if that's the case and we'll throw in the game art in the book+ how it went. I'll be adding a small walkthrough guide too for the endings/secrets if anyone will be interested in that.

...anyway, it'll be nice to see people's comments about this? What do you guys think? (please leave a comment if you have any opinion ;v; )/


  1. Ok, DMC3 can wait.

    *saves the $30 in her account for this*

    I'd really love to have an art book for this game, because I find it really inspirational. The way the tiles, the sprites, etc, the way it all comes together, especially the art; it just makes me want to open up RM and work on a million games at the same time.

    Having an artbook- man, I'd cherish it like nothing else.

  2. Well, there's no reason to not include a very awesome artbook + other goodies to those who wanted it.

    I'm sure it would be awesooooome.

  3. I'd totally donate for an artbook, especially since I'm a character in the game. :D