Sunday, March 13, 2011

Off the Record 2

There's been some talk lately, we were talking about an Anagram Artbook+Physical CD of the game for anyone who donates at least $15-$20 above (this is because of shipping cost and printing TvT ). I put up a poll too for those who are curious.

The Book will be fully colored and illustrated from different artists, if that's the case and we'll throw in the game art in the book+ how it went. I'll be adding a small walkthrough guide too for the endings/secrets if anyone will be interested in that.

...anyway, it'll be nice to see people's comments about this? What do you guys think? (please leave a comment if you have any opinion ;v; )/

Record 2

After weeks of not updating Anagram and deleting it out of pure spite (don't worry I had a back up from my friend), it's finally updated again. For those who are wondering what's going on, Anagram has been on hiatus for a bit because of Midterms, Plays and Thesis for some of us.

The update for today and how it went:
  1. I noticed there's a considerable lack of tiles on the garden. Apparently, I haven't stressed "Garden" enough.
  2. I finally finished the walking sides for Cess's sprite. I had to do it due to his crazy scarf.
  3. I finally added more poses for Cess's sprite.
  4. I had a meeting with Hneko for 2 days straight after his thesis and my midterm exams. We are in very srs buziness mode.
  5. Lots of complaining occurred.
  6. "I have created over a thousand Ellies and yet I shall hold none." Hneko said one day, "Dem f*cking frills"
  7. Lots of awkward moments. Sexuality Orientation was questioned, guess who.
  8. Opening movie talk, lots of good things were planned.
  9. 17 drawings were made. What they are for, we'll never know until the promised the day.
  10. Lots of argument about who will draw Archer or Dajhail.
  11. Hneko lost about Archer but I got Dajhail instead. CURSE YOU. Talk about counter attacks.
  12. Level design issues. I HATE YOU LEVEL DESIGN.
  13. More frills.
  14. And more frills.
  15. We had peanut butter sandwich. It was delicious.
 Sprite for the day:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Off the Record 1

It has been hectic because it's Finals, but I would like to say that is not, I repeat, not shutting down thanks to Holbert's divine intervention. Thank you Holbert for saving the site from total destruction. I have nothing to update unfortunately, the event in RMN has left me demotivated and shell shocked from the experience.

But fret not, I will soon resume working on this project, after I get over the entire event. Please don't worry :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Record 1

I should've done this sooner, but I didn't and so it took a while to set this up!

Good evening everyone from the Philippines, this is going to be Anagram's official homepage. I hope that you guys will still follow our work and help us with feedback like back in RMN! I know it's not the best right now but I really tried to move on.

Right now, we weren't able to do anything game related because of setting up our mainpage, Visustella and the blog. We'll be back on track soon and I hope that everyone will continue to support us!